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Neil Patrick Harris is able to appear in The Matrix 4 – might he be on villain obligation? The Wachowskis’ genuine Matrix movie was a groundbreaking enterprise in 1999 and set a model new tone for sci-fi movement cinema. A pair of sequels in 2003 (The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions) didn’t ignite the similar kind of response, nevertheless whatever the significantly disappointing continuation of Neo’s adventures, The Matrix has retained a strong cultural identification and fixed following over the earlier 20 years. Rather a lot so, truly, that Warner Bros. have launched The Matrix 4 for 2021.

Directed solely by Lana Wachowski on this occasion, loads of The Matrix 4‘s plot stays unknown, and a means of thriller moreover hangs over the cast. We do know that Keanu Reeves is likely to be exhibiting to (possibly) reprise his iconic perform as Neo, and he’ll be joined by fellow Matrix alum, Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity. Intently rumored additional returnees embody Lambert Wilson as The Merovingian and Jada Pinkett Smith as Niobe. Fascinatingly, The Matrix 4 moreover ensures a robust variety of new experience. Yahya Abdul-Mateen, Neil Patrick Harris and Jessica Henwick are among the many many names turning into a member of Neo for his subsequent journey, all in undisclosed roles.

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Rumors swirl over who these actors will portray in The Matrix 4, with Abdul-Mateen continually linked to Morpheus. One different tantalizing danger is that Neil Patrick Harris is likely to be having fun with the villain of the piece. Attributable to candid suggestions from Hugo Weaving, The Matrix 4 is confirmed to have sought (and failed) to convey once more Agent Smith. That look might’ve been as a cameo, a supporting decide, or as the first villain. With out Weaving on board, The Matrix 4 would definitely search to steer clear of altering Smith with one different quietly menacing, chilly and calculating baddie in the identical mildew. A additional pure response may be to write down down a villain totally the opposite to Smith – a flamboyant showman with magnetic charisma and cult-like standing.

With out which means to typecast, Harris does undoubtedly match that bill. Shades of these qualities have been on full present in Harris’ effectivity as Rely Olaf in A Assortment of Unfortunate Events, although one would clearly anticipate his flip in The Matrix 4 to be lots a lot much less overblown. Not solely would a dramatic and expressive villain mark a dangling deviation from the insidious silence of Agent Smith, nevertheless an antagonist of this kind would moreover match with one different idea regarding The Matrix 4‘s villain – that they will be human, pretty than Machine or Agent.

The Matrix has always toyed with the dichotomy between the true and digital worlds, as successfully the individual vs. machine battle. It may very well be solely turning into for a human villain in The Matrix 4 to have the kind of ostentatious persona that immediately opposes the digital Agent Smith. If The Matrix 4‘s major antagonist was a human, they’d likely be essential some kind of pro-Matrix cult that advocates being “plugged-in” as a substitute of present within the true world. The chief of such a movement would want to have the oratory experience and effectivity aptitude required to care for such a dangerous following of zealots, and Neil Patrick Harris is good for that trend of villain. It’s also curious that The Matrix 4 has solid Jonathan Groff who, like Harris, has a background in musical theater. May Groff be lined up as Harris’ second-in-command, an equally outlandish character encouraging folks to give up their freedom and return to the Matrix? If such a cult faction did emerge in Zion, that may undoubtedly be trigger ample to convey Neo once more from the ineffective.

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